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World Hovercraft Championships 2018 in Germany. 
We are pleased to announce that our next World Championships in 2018 will be hosted by Germany in the town of Saalburg. This location has been used frequently for European Hovercraft Federation race meetings and was used for our World Championships in 2012.
The dates for the World Championships are Wednesday 5th to the Sunday 9th of September 2018.
Regrettably it will not be possible to hold an Endurance Race Championship and Formula 3 will be incorporated into Formula S.
These principle arrangements have only just been agreed with the President of the German Hovercraft Club (HVD) and more details will be made available to you when they are confirmed. 
The WHF are extremely grateful to Michael Rausch,    President of the German Hovercraft Club (HVD), and all the German Hover Clubs for making our World Championships possible at such short notice. I am sure you will join with us in wishing them well with all their arrangements.

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